About Me

I began on this endeavor as a junior in high school who wanted to learn more about this 'taboo' tradition. After discovering some local treasures in New Orleans, Louisiana USA, I became accustomed to this very wonderful religious 'practice'. I soon realized that I would be hard pressed to venerate relics on a daily basis, which I encourage. So I began a personal 'quest' to see ways in which to obtain these holy treasures, and quickly learned that it is not a norm for the lay person to 'own' relics. So several fellow Catholics offered their antique relics, some being over one hundred years old. All that was asked of me was that I showed proper respect and storage/display of the relics. As I continued on my search I found very few sources in which to venerate relics, so I remembered that "people don't need to actually be present before a relic to ask favor or intercession through a saint" so a similar idea could be implemented, just as you would pray before a statue or portrait of a saint (not being an actual tangible relic). The purpose of relics has always been a way of having a closer connection to that holy person; however, there are not any special favors that one person receives from venerating a relic from another person who prays before a statue. This means no one is punished for not having their own private chapel with relics, etc...Relics are just 'tools' for the faithful. 

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