The International Crusade for Holy Relics (USA Chapter)

The Guardians of Holy Relics - an Apostolate located in Louisiana who is dedicated to the safekeeping of the holy relics of our Saints. They display relics throughout local parishes so that the relics are properly venerated by the Faithful.

For All The Saints - A non-profit in Texas dedicated to make authentic holy relics available to local parishes for feast days and other special occasions.

Confraternity of Catholic Saints - Some great friends from the Philippines that help promote the lives and devotions of our Holy Saints. Excellent blog!

Wikipedia entry for relics

Living Miracles article on Holy Relics - has brief history of some Passion relics and great pics. Relics and Incorruptibles - has some general information and a Relic Gazetteer.

The Reliquary: Relics in Modern Times - wonderful information and it also has a Gazetteer of relics.

Catholic Shrines - lists websites and general information to some popular shrines. - great info on everything Catholic!

The Vatican - available in: Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, and Portugues. (You can click on a language and go straight to the Vatican's website, viewing it in that perspective language.)

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