Relic Information

arca mortuaria - mortuary box, container

arca sepulerali- coffin/

breviario - breviary

coronse spinse D.N.J.C. - crown of thorns of Our Lord Jesus Christ

corporis (cravio) - body

D.N.J.C. (Domini Nostri Jesu Christi) - Our Lord Jesus Christ

de velo - from the veil

ex bireto - from the biretta

ex capillus - from the hair

ex carne - from the flesh

ex cilicium - from the cilicium, an instrument of penance

ex cineribus - from the ashes

ex crypta - from the cave or grotto (also modern-day crypts, Mausoleums, or vault-crypts inside churches)

ex domo - from the house

ex inducio - from covering

*ex indumentis - pieces of cloth that has touched a 1st or 2nd class Relic

*ex indumento - from the clothing

ex ligneo pulvere, mixto pulveri corporis, quem residuum continebat prima

         capsa funeralis - from the remains of the wood, mixed with the dust

         of the body, the residue of which was contained in the first box,

         (or sarcophagus)

ex ossibus - from the bones

ex palio - from the cloak

ex pelle - from the skin

ex pluviali - cope (cloak wore for Benediction)

ex praecordis - from the stomach or intestines 

ex praesepis - birthplace of D.N.J.C.

ex sindone - from the shroud 

ex spongia - from the sponge

ex sportula - from the little basket

ex stipite affixionis - probably means "from the whipping post"

ex strato - from the covering (blanket)

ex subucula - of the tunic

ex tela serica quae tetigit cor - from the silk cloth which touched the heart

ex tunica - from the tunic

ex velo - of the veil

ex veste - from the dress/clothing

mensae coenae D.N.J.C. - the room where the Last Supper took place

petra - rock

sindonis D.N.J.C. - from the burial shourd of Our Lord

*This depends on where the relic has come from. 'Older' relics listed as ex indumentis are normally taken from the clothing of the said person; however, in the past couple of decades Catholic shops have supplied alloy medals and what I call 'modern' holy cards that contain 3rd class relics listed as ex indumentis (but not being such)...See pictures below:

3rd class medal3rd class Holy Card

Common Abbreviations:

AP - Apostle

B/BL - Blessed (Prefix)

C - Confessor

D - Doctor of the Church

D.N.J.C. (Domini Nostri Jesu Christi) - Our Lord Jesus Christ

E - Bishop

EV - Evangelist

F - Founder of Order

LEV - Deacon

M - Martyr

PEON - Penitent

PP - Pope

REG - King or Queen

S/ST - Saint (Prefix)

SOG - Servant of God (Prefix)

V - Virgin

V - Venerable (Prefix)

VID - Widow

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